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Mouse wheel one third button

The mouse wheel works like a third button. Clicking the mouse wheel on any link opens the webpage directly to a new tab. When the mouse wheel is clicked on any open tab, the tab closes.

To select big text simultaneously

To select large text in any text editor, click one at the beginning of the text, and then press Shift and click once at the end. This allows text to be easily selected.

Do more of the quality of the video displayed on YouTube

We can also reduce the load time. And the video can look a bit better or a bit worse. The better the quality will be, the more time it takes to load. The quality of the video is written as a number in the lower right part of the player and can be changed by clicking on the same place. These numbers are as follows: 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p etc. The larger the number, the better the quality.

Go back to the web pages with the help of key

With the Alt key, we can go to the first or the next webpage with <left arrow> or <right arrow>.



Pressing + and – with the Ctrl key

The size of any webpage (both picture and letter) can be bigger or smaller. Using Ctrl + 0 to make the original size smaller or smaller.

To chat and chat on the internet

There is much different software such as Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, etc. If the free software called Pidgin ( is used instead of using them all, then it can do almost all the chat software alone. This can be done through any of the new counts, whether it is Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, or any other. Not only this, many auctions can be talked and talked out at once. Another attraction is that it is also available on Windows as well as other operating systems such as Mac OS, Linux, BSD, etc.

Google Plus

(Google+) is a social network like Facebook, which Google has created. Its main attraction is that you must essentially divide your acquaintances into different “circles” which can be easily done. Separate information in each category can be cast (posted) which remains hidden from all other categories.

Use of marks and symbols in password

It is often said to be, but nowadays advanced hackers advanced technology and faster computers are useful only if they are used to increase the length of the original password. It is more important to replace them with or replace the password with them. A simple but 15-20-letter long password is safer and safer than an 8-10 letter long password with digits and symbols.

For different websites

Never use the same password (password) because if any password is hacked even for any reason, then the passwords of your other web pages may also be known. Specifically, bank websites should keep the password completely. We will continue to tell about the passwords.

For Web-based Advertising

AdblockPlus – Mozilla is a very profitable extension for Firefox, which removes ads from websites. This makes the website look quite neat and bandwidth is also saved. It is also available in Google Chrome.

How do things work-

For information about this – – is a useful website. The information is presented in a very interesting manner with the help of pictures and movies on this website.

For Map Services on the Website- is useful. On the name of a place for search, a map is available which can be as big a country as a country, from a small village to a small place. There are also images taken by the satellite with the map. Another use of this website is that it also gets directions from one place to another.

What is the wiki?

Websites whose pages can make any changes in the browser itself are called Vicky. There are some major wiki sites – Wikipedia, Poetry, Encyclopedia.

If you want to stop the ads with animation-

Flash Block is a browser extension that stops all Flash content. However, if we wish we can also allow the flash to be installed on the selected sites.

Hundreds of web-stores

There are hundreds of web-applications available on Google’s own webpage called iGoogle. All of Google’s services include news, weather, sports, astrology, etc. All can be added according to their own interests. The look of the webpage can also be changed accordingly. Its link is on the Google homepage ( but if it is not visible for some reason, then click on the wheel next to “Sign in” on the top right corner of the webpage and iGoogle Choose. If you want to go back to Google from Google, then by clicking on this wheel, you can opt for “Google Classic” option.

Defragment Software

Although in Windows it is already done, one does not show the backing process and the other does not do too well. There are plenty of free software available in which there are some of our favorites:

  1. My Defrag ( – Its feature is that it recognizes the files and maintains the space to grow them, due to which files fall short. It’s also an attraction to be free.
  2. Defraggler ( It’s easy to use and makes your work pretty fast. It can be problematic in very large (many GB) files.

Need to defragment hard disk –

While working for a long time, files written on the hard disk split and divide into several pieces. Due to this, the speed of the computer is slowed. To avoid this, hard disk should be defragmented at least once a month. Give information about different software for defragmenting next week.

There are many free anti-viruses available in place of expensive antivirus such as Norton and MacAfee, which are no less in quality. The following are the main ones:

  1. Avast Free Antivirus –
  2. Avira Antivirus Personal Free Antivirus –
  3. Microsoft Security Essentials –
  4. Panda Cloud Anti Virus –
  5. Comodo Internet Security Premium –

In windows vista and windows 7

Moving from an open window to the mouse, the other open windows minimize. All these windows come back again after moving it again.

In windows vista and windows 7

Moving an open window from the mouse to the upper edge of the screen, that window maximizes and comes across the screen.

Line drawing

The very best choice of the coral draw is the name of the incasecap. It is free and free and professional artists also use it. This is available at (

There is a website where you can choose your own application from a lot of free applications, and it will create a specially created installer for you, which will be downloaded and installed by your chosen application from the World.

Another free alternative to Photoshop

Paint Dot Net application can be used if Photoshop’s advanced capabilities are not required. Keep in mind that it is free but it is not free. It is available at

A free and free option for Photoshop

The application is available in the name of the gimp. According to the capabilities, it is equivalent to Photoshop. Due to being slightly different in appearance, some people hesitate to try it, but once you experience it you will want to use it instead of expensive Photoshop. It is available at

Free and free options of MS Office

Open office can be used for this. In this, almost all work of MS Office is done. In this option of Word, the Writer, the option of the option to get the choice of Calc and PowerPoint option. It is available at Other versions of

Also available from

Bringing the previously done work-

In Word, Excel, and many other applications, the previous task can be overturned by pressing Ctrl + Z. If we have accidentally deleted something by deleting it, then the article can be returned by Ctrl + Z.

Converting Articles into Tables-

Changing the article into tables is a mess. To do this, first write your article separating columns from commas, tabs or any other unused characters. Now select the text, then click Table -> Convert -> Convert text to table. Change the options as needed and click OK. All the articles will be converted into tables at one time.

Using code words-

To keep files on our computer confidential, we can use two types of password-

1) To open the document – If the password has been set to open the document, then the document can not be opened with no password correctly.

2) Password provided for the change in the document – Anyone of us can open our document but can not make any changes in it, such a password is provided.

To pass any of these passwords, a password can be given by going to Save as> Tools> General Options.

Bookmarks or favorites-

If we need to visit a webpage frequently, we can add it to our favorites or bookmarks. Firefox is created by right-clicking on the webpage in Firefox or by clicking Bookmark This Page in the bookmarks list. In order to do the same thing in Internet Explorer, instead of a bookmark, instead of favorites and bookmark this page, click on Add to Favorites. We can also make bookmarks by clicking on the star icon in Chrome and Firefox in the address bar.

Vacation of temporary files-

Many programs on our computer make their temporary files that we do not need. Due to these, the speed of the computer becomes very slow. We can remove these files by selecting your drive from Start Menu-> Programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> Disk Cleanup.

Pressing Windows + E-

Windows Explorer or My Computer opens. With this device we do not need to find the Start button or My Computer, we can easily access our files in the middle of the work.

Inscription’s Onscreen Keyboard in Windows-

To start in the Start> Run box, type task and press Enter. The onscreen keyboard will appear in front of you, then switch to the Hindi language by pressing the language hotkey and the Hindi keyboard will appear in front of you.

While working in any browser,

Pressing Ctrl + F4 when more than one tab is open, the current tab closes. Similarly, when pressing Ctrl + F4 when more than one document is open while working in the office, the current document closes.

Pressing Windows + M or Windows + D-

All open windows minimize together. Pressing Alt + F4 disappears the window you are working in

For Internet Use-

By typing something on the address bar and pressing Ctrl + Enter, at the beginning of the word written at www and finally the .com is pressed and press Enter.

One step safety

To secure your computer, the password can be entered by going to Control Panel-> User Account-> User. Pressing Windows + L, the keyboard, and the screen are locked in such a way that it can not be restarted without entering the password. This tip works only when the password is already set.

Create shortcut of web page

In Internet Explorer, right-click anywhere on the screen and select Create Shortcut from the list that opens. This will make the webpage come as a shortcut to the desktop. This page can be easily opened from here anytime later.

Time and date in one click

While working on Notepad or text file, the time and date can be typed wherever required by pressing F5 ‘key’.


The USB is a standard for connecting other PCs to other devices, in which the number of wires, the size of the connector, and all the electrical signals running on them have been specified. There are two characteristics of the USB – (1) Use to provide the electrical power of signaling wires (this does not require the device to be connected separately) and (2) the reliability and easy use of connectors. The USB is the most popular standard for connecting other devices from PCs nowadays and has replaced many older standards

Blue Ray –

Blue Ray is the sequel to CD and DVD development. While there can be around 700 MB on a CD and around 4Gb data on a single DVD, the capacity of a Blu-ray is 25Gb. It is less prevalent due to its drive and discs being expensive.

Cloud Computing-

Cloud computing is a technique by which resources, software, software, software and other services are provided by the free and open source software (applications, software, and data) and other services.

Browser extension-

This is a small program that connects to the browser and extends its capabilities. It differs from the plugin because while the browser can work on the information of the new format by the plugin, the extensions refine their capabilities by using previously available capabilities in the new format.

More than 4500 Extensions of FireFox are available. There are also a large number of extensions available for Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Web Hosting-


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